LEADA Summer Cover Crop Species Demonstration


LEADA Summer Cover Crop Species Demonstration

Co-operator: Stewart & Kathy Modra, Cummins

Trial Managment:

  • Sown 14th December 2017 with 60kg/ha 18:20 fertiliser
  • Pasture Genetics disc plot seeder
  • Soil dry in the top 5cm and moist from 5-15cm
  • Soil reasonably friable apart from compacted wheel tracks

Rows 8 & 9 were sown over controlled traffic wheel tracks, which were quite compacted and had lower moisture levels. This caused uneven seeder penetration and lower emergence in conjunction with lower moisture levels.

The sorghum/millet types are all producing quite well as expected, whilst the sunflowers and brassicas are also going well. The brassicas emerged very quickly, but started to struggle with the high temperatures and minimal rainfall received since seeding.


Pasture Genetics, AGF Seeds, Greenpatch Ag, Seed Force, George Pedler Ag

LEADA Summer Cover Crop Species Demonstration – pdf 

Crown Sorghum

Rangaii Lab Lab

Sunbird Sunflowers

Sunbird Sunflowers thriving