Copper Management for the future


Copper Management for the Future


Project Supervisor:         Mr George Pedler

Funding Source:               SAGIT

Start Date:                          1 July 2017

Finish Date:                        30 June 2020


SAGIT Project Code:  LDA217

The project ‘Copper management for the future’ aims to explore different management strategies to overcome copper deficiency in cereals.  The project will compare the effectiveness of copper sulphate and copper chelate applied either as liquids banded at seeding or as a foliar spray.  The project will also evaluate the effect of different timings of application of the foliar sprays and their efficiency.

This project will benefit local and South Australian farmers be establishing an independent best practice management guide for copper applications for the future.

The project will improve farm productivity in the following ways:

  • Provide growers with an increased awareness of copper deficiency and the range of options to manage it;
  • Provide growers with independent date on the efficiency of different copper applications, formulations and timings;
  • Assist growers to adopt an improved best management practice to overcome copper deficiency;
  • Help growers to maximise their water use efficiency and yields through maximising pollen fertility; and
  • Possibly identify strategies to help overcome “chilling” damage at flowering varieties susceptible to this, such as Mace.

Trial data and results will be published for each year of the trial.

LDA217 – Copper Management for the Future – Trial Results 2017 – Cockaleechie

LDA217 – Copper Management for the Future – Trial Results 2017 – Strawberry Hill