Stubble Extravaganza

Stubble Extravaganza hosted on 9th November 2017

EP Stubbles Extravaganza

Naomi Scholz, SARDI Livestock and Farming Systems, Minnipa Agricultural Centre hosted the Eyre Peninsula ‘Stubbles Extravaganza’ forum for researchers and advisors on 9 November 2017 in Port Lincoln on behalf of EPARF and LEADA.

Speakers: Naomi Scholz (GRDC Stubble Initiative), Rick Llewellyn (weeds) CSIRO, Greg Baker (snails) SARDI, Gupta Vadakattu (nitrogen) CSIRO, Jack Desbiolles (establishment) University of Adelaide, Andrew Ware (blackleg) SARDI, Amanda Cook/Jake Giles (herbicide efficacy) SARDI, Nigel Wilhelm (water repellence) SARDI, Marg Evans (disease) SARDI, Greg Mutze (mice) PIRSA Biosecurity.

39 researchers and advisors attended the interactive workshop, heard the latest research and recommendations on overcoming the barriers to stubble retention in relation to nutrition, weeds, pests (snails, mice), disease and stubble management, and participated in discussions – how does this apply on the ground? What would you recommend to clients? What are the unanswered questions? Jeanette Long (Ag Consulting Co.) conducted an evaluation session to close the event, with four questions:

  1. What facts stood out?
  2. What challenges need more research?
  3. What are the ‘on ground’ applications?
  4. How can we encourage practice change?

Naomi collated the responses into a summary document that has been provided to all participants. Closing comments were also sought from each participant, with many suggesting that a similar annual event would be desirable. PDF versions of the presentations are now available.

Stubble Extravaganza presentations

Stubble Extravaganza presentation footage

Rick Llewellyn - Weeds in stubble retained systems (focus onb bareley grass, ryegrass)

Greg Baker - Stubble retention: A barrier to snail management?

Gupta Vadakattu - N cycling in stubble retained systems

Jack Desbiolles - Considerations for successful residue handling at seeding (disc & tyne seeders)

Andrew Ware - Blackleg in Stubble Retained Systems

Amanda Cook & Jacob Giles - Herbicide Efficacy in retained stubbles

Nigel Wilhelm - Overcoming water repellence in retained stubble systems

Greg Mutze - Effect of stubble management on mice

Margaret Evans - Stubble management implications for disease (crown rot, eyespot, YLS, NFNB, take-all)